Saturday, October 10, 2009


Many of you would have been to them. This post is for those who haven't. When we had an energetic school mate try and organise a school re-union about a year back, a lot of us got excited. After all, it was about 14 years since many of us had even met or talked to each other! I was quite excited too, even though most of the people turning up were people I had not spoken to much at school either :-) Anyway after a lot of emailing and calling, the day and venue got fixed. We were expecting about 20 of us to show up. I showed up at the rendezvous a good 30 minutes late, not knowing what to expect. Will anyone recognise me? Will I have to make a very long introduction?? At first I thought I got the wrong place, or maybe the wrong date!? It was 11 am on a Sunday morning and not a soul was seated at the south Bombay restaurant. Incidentally, this was the last day the restaurant was open - it was to be shut that evening. OK, so the date better be right. I noticed another lady loitering about looking as lost as me. Well, so the venue was right, too. We got talking, and I quickly refreshed my memory. Yes, she was my a classmate - the memories slowly started rushing in. A few calls and an hour later, we had all of 7 people present. Quite disappointing, you might think. But as the gathering grew and the nostalgic moments were revisited, none of us wanted to stop talking about our teachers, our classmates, the funny/wierd stuff we did, and things that seemed like a big deal then, but could be laughed away now. Some of us had been shy in school, but were completely different adults. Some of them had seemed brash and even intimidating back then, but were actually pretty nice people (I realized). There was something about these different people that made me feel good - relive those days of old. For some reason, people we spend our childhood with will always remain special. A few hours later we split with memories and promises to keep in touch. Well, I almost never stayed in touch with them, but there is another re-union planned for tonight. And I am not missing it for anything.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Do they really happen? Most days, I live as if everything is a miracle - the fact that I have all that I need, most of the things I want, have the most adorable daughter anyone can have, got to work on time, can write this blog entry, etc.. And then there are some days that you just pray for a miracle; when all of the earlier things are taken for granted. On such days I can't seem to remember that with so many miracles around, one more is so easily possible. Then it dawns upon me why there are so many atheists - its simply too easy to be carried away by ones troubles and get lost in them. We lose hope and faith, and just before we turn into atheists ourselves - another one! I've learn t its very easy to get into or out of sadness. A small change in our thought process and we are filled with renewed energy - Faith - this is the distinguishing factor between people who succeed or don't (in their own definition of success) - Faith in what you can do, Faith in the One above and Faith in miracles of everyday life. I only pray that I remember this when the next wave of sadness engulfs me. Miracles happen to us each day - its only up to us to recognize them. Once we begin to recognize these everyday miracles none of us can be an atheist. Sent from BlackBerry® on Airtel
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Monday, January 19, 2009


I had just returned home from my in-laws place (my wife was staying there for the latter part of the pregnancy), and I started watching a movie that was lying on my computer. 00.10 am on 12th Jan - I was about 60 minutes into the movie, and my cell phone buzzed. God, it was my wife. I had been dreading this.. She was on the way to the hospital with my mother and brother in law. Pray, diby pray, i told myself. About an hour (and many anxious moments) later, my mother in law called up - the baby was surely on the way, but not before 12 hours at the least. Well, a quick discussion with my parents later, we decided to hit the bed and head to the nursing home early in the morning. 8.30 am, we were by her bedside. The doctor had just seen her and was yet to decide between a normal delivery and a C-section. She was to decide later in the day, depending upon the progress - for now we were to just hang around and pray

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Those were the days!!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This is posting number one. Just trying out what this is all about!